Class Descriptions

All About Dance has been serving the Minden & Gardnerville area since 1994. Our classes include Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Hip-hop, Musical Theater, Barre, Cheer, Tumbling, and Acting.

Our facility is state of the art. We offer a raised spring floor with a marley surface designed especially for dance. There are two studios with windows for each room for observers.

Below are class descriptions provided by All About Dance:

BALLET : The Backbone of Dance. A classical dance form demanding grace and precision. Employing formalized steps and gestures set in intricate, flowing patterns to create expression through movement. Great for flexibility, balance, control, body awareness, musicality, and improves posture.

*We highly encourage all dancers to take Ballet in combination with their other classes. Ballet provides the foundation training that all other dance styles are based upon. The strength, balance, flexibility, technique, and core training will compliment and advance your young dancer in other styles of dancing. 

POINTE: Every Girl is a Princess. Approval by instructor to advance to pointe. Must be enrolled in Ballet 3 or Ballet 4. Ages 12 and up.

JAZZ: Upbeat and High Energy ONLY! Upbeat style of dance. Works jazz, technique, flexibility, turns, and leaps.  

TAP: Your feet are your instrument. Tap skills and knowing your tap shoe instrument. Works musicality to the core. Learns to incorporate arms and work technique for ankle and foot movement. 

CONTEMPORARY/LYRICAL:Your body feels what the music plays.  An emotional style of dance. Learning to listen to the lyrics or style of the music while incorporating feelings into body movement. 

HIP-HOP: Let's get fUnKy! Fun, upbeat style of dance to hip-hop funk music. Hip-hop skills, musicality to beats, and basic break dancing skills. 

MUSICAL THEATER: Ready... Set... BROADWAY! Jazzy style of dance that incorporates dance with acting. Lip syncing while dancing to Broadway musical hits. Singing is not required. 

ACTING: Basic monologues, skits, and improv for students who are interested in boosting up their personality in dance or just wanting to be involved.

Pre/Kinder DANCE: Ready... Set... Dance!

Pre-dance: No Experience required. Must be potty trained. 15 minutes each of Ballet, Tap, and Tumbling. Ages 4 and under. 
K/1 Combo: No Experience required. Kindergarten-1st grade. 30 minutes of Tap. 30 of Ballet.

TUMBLING: Everyone's Favorite! Basic Floor gymnastics. From somersaults to no-handed tucks. Works great for balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength. 

This floor gymnastics class works on gaining strength and technique in their tumbling skills.

CHEER: Complete Athletics! Stunting, Jumps, Tumbling, Dancing, Motions, and a complete work out! Very Fun. Ages 7 and up.

TECHNIQUE: Can't Get Enough? Focuses on Jazz technique for perfecting basic leaps and turns. Helps control spotting and strengthens for higher leaps. Also improves flexibility that helps improve your skills. 

Flexibility: Focuses on gaining flexibility to potentially accomplish the splits. Also focuses on extensions, extension tricks, and back flexibility.

 LEAP OF FAITH: Liturgical dance to Christian Music. Small bible study during session. 12 and up.

All About Barre: Shape UP. Ages 12 and up. Barre consists of selected training's taken from Ballet, Pilates, and Yoga to target specific areas including the gluts, inner thighs, arms, and core strength! A fantastic 1 hour workout! 


Beyond the Studio. 
All About Dance has its very own performance team that performs at various local events. They audition to go to Disneyland each year to perform on the Disney Stage. Some routines compete as an option for the experience. We also perform in parades and are always looking for more opportunity to provide any needed entertainment at events from our very own Minden all the way to Reno NV.