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Studio Policies

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Thank you for your interest in All About Dance. Our studio was founded on the principle that each person has tremendous worth and talent. We are dedicated to seeing that each and every one of our students finds and develops their personal self-worth and talent. Our goal is to offer them the best and most professional dance training that can be found in Northern Nevada. All About Dance offers you the most professionally staffed facility in the area and has been locally owned and operated since 1994. Emphasis is first placed on safety, which is why we offer a raised spring floor with a vinyl surface designed especially for dance. Only our highest qualified instructors teach advanced dance movements and higher-level technique.

Studio policies: Students are expected to arrive on time. If a student is more than 10 minutes late to class, they must ask permission from the instructor before entering the dance class. Please be polite to instructors, parents, and other students. Excessive talking during class is not permitted. Please talk to your friends before or after class so that we may provide the best value for your dance dollar. Please raise your hand to ask questions. Students are expected to applaud and shake the instructors hand after class in appreciation for the class. No running inside or outside the studio. Leave your cell phone in your dance bag. Remember that we are not a day care facility. No food, gum, or drink in the studios or dressing rooms. There are tables in the common areas for drinks or snacks. Please enter the dance studio only when it is time for your class.

Age and Skill Levels: Keep in mind that students progress at their own rate. The more classes they take, the faster they usually progress. Each student will be advanced when it is deemed appropriate by the instructor. Student evaluations are available upon parent request. Classes are divided by age and ability. Level 1 & 2 classes are generally elementary age. Teen classes are middle and high school students. Adult classes are offered and tailored to their needs. Young adults (college age) may choose the teen or adult classes. Students usually stay in a level for more than one year to master the skills before moving to another level.

Dress code: Dance, like any other athletic activity, requires the proper equipment for optimum training; therefore, the following dress code for all classes has been established. While tight, supportive undergarments are necessary, no visible undergarments will be allowed (including but not limited to bra straps). The tops, middles, and bottoms of all students should be well covered. Risqué or revealing attire is not permitted. Hair must be up off the neck and away from the face. No watches or jewelry are to be worn in class and All About Dance is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal items.. Students may try a class once without the required dance attire. Once a student is registered, they must wear the attire explained below:

*BALLET - tights and leotard (any color), skirt is optional but must be worn above the knees; pink ballet slippers (leather or canvas). Hair in bun.
*JAZZ/TAP - tights; close fitting leotard or T-shirt; bike shorts or close fitting dance pants (no bell bottoms, sweats, etc.); regular jazz or tap shoes. Hair in ponytail off of face.
*PRE-DANCE - tights and leotard (any color), a skirt or dance dresses are also allowed; pink ballet slippers (leather only) and black tap shoes. Hair in ponytail or bun.

*K1 Combo - tights and leotard (any color), a skirt or dance dresses are also allowed; pink ballet slippers (leather only) and black tap shoes. Hair in ponytail or bun.
*Musical Theater, & Tumbling- tights; close fitting leotard or T-shirt; bike shorts or close fitting dance pants (no bell bottoms, sweats, etc.); regular jazz or tap shoes. Hair in ponytail off of face
*HIP-HOP -loose clothing with NO snaps, zippers or buttons, clean tennis shoes with non-mark soles. No jeans.

Any student not complying with the dress code may be asked by the instructor to watch the class OR may borrow something from our lost and found. We have a number of used shoes available for the younger kids. Feel free to borrow and return them when your child has outgrown them. We always appreciate donations. All About Dance also sells new shoes, tights and dance clothing for your convenience.

Payment policy: Payment is expected between the 1st and the 9th of each month FOR that month. We accept cash, checks, and most major credit cards. You may sign up for automatic tuition payments only if you sign a new authorization form each year. Statements will be emailed to you or may be picked up at the front counter. Statements will only be mailed if payment has not been received by the 9th AND a $10.00 late fee will be applied (unless prior arrangements have been made). There will be a $25 fee applied to all returned checks. If there is a second returned check, the account will be placed on a cash only basis.

All About Dance does NOT prorate tuition for absenteeism (including but not limited to vacations, sports, illness, etc.). Missed classes may be made up in other classes up to four weeks after the absence occurred. Please ask the instructor for help on which classes may be appropriate for make-ups. We do not charge extra for the months with 5 lessons. December and June are considered full months.

Calendar: All About Dance Office is open Monday thru Thursday from 3:00-6:30. 2017/2018 Schedule: Our classes run from August 28th to June 15th for our Fall/Spring Schedule and we follow the Douglas County School District holidays and days off. Please check our website for Important Dates and Events. Our studio is closed for Labor Day September 4th, Fall Break October 24th to 28th, Christmas Break December 25th to January 5th, Winter Break February 20th to 24th, Spring Break April 16th to 20th and Memorial Day May 28th. The two exceptions, the studio will be open on November 10th and January 15th.We offer an annual recital at the Carson City Community Center in June. This showcase is professionally run and involves costumes that are ordered specifically for each routine. Each class requires a costume and prices typically run $45 for Child size and $60 for extra Large Child & Adult size. Costume payments may be divided into 4 equal payments to be paid with the tuition in October, November, December and January. Final payments are due IN FULL by January 9th. Participation in the annual recital is NOT REQUIRED. Please notify us in writing before Jan 10th if your child is not to be in the recital. The recital is an opportunity for the students to perform and demonstrate what they have learned over the course of the dance season to family and friends. We have professional video and photographers, so please, no cameras in recital venue.

Dance is an excellent opportunity for anyone of any age to get into shape, stay in shape, develop the mind and body, enhance self-discipline and maturity, and is a wonderful form of self-expression. We are pleased you have chosen All About Dance for your family's dance experience. If you have any further questions, suggestions or concerns, please do not hesitate to come to the front desk to set up a meeting with any of our instructors.

All About Dance is all about learning the joy of dance, having fun while learning and growing together in a wholesome and caring environment.

Your signature on the registration form indicates that you have read, understand, and agree to these policies.

Thank you.
Sarah Guzman and Paula Baker

PS: Part of May & June Class Schedules will be different from the rest of the year. The third week in May is normally our picture week. A separate picture schedule will be on our webpage, posted at the front desk and emailed to you. Your child will come to picture week in costume with correct tights and shoes. You can order the pictures from the front desk on your designated picture day or the week prior. The last week of May and the first week of June will be practice /tech at our studio and the schedule will be on our webpage, posted at the front desk and emailed to you. June 14th is our Dress Rehearsal and will be at the Carson City Community Theater.